EVE-NG – Load qemu images

EVE-NG – Load qemu images


Last one… In this post we will walk you through the process of adding qemu images into EVE.

QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer, so it will be used inside EVE to emulate most of the equipments, from a windows machine to a Cisco ASA.

First important thing is the folder naming convention that must be used to hold the qemu images.

The folders inside /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/ must have the correspondent name for the image they are holding according to the following list:

a10 A10 vThunder
clearpass Aruba ClearPass
timos Alcatel 7750 SR
veos Arista vEOS
barracuda Barracuda NGIPS
brocadevadx Brocade vADX
cpsg CheckPoint Security Gateway VE
docker Docker.io
acs Cisco ACS
asa Cisco ASA
asav Cisco ASAv
cda Cisco Context Directory Agent
csr1000v Cisco CSR 1000v
cips Cisco IPS
ise Cisco ISE
titanium Cisco NX-OSv (Titanium
firepower Cisco FirePower
firepower6 Cisco FirePower 6
ucspe Cisco UCS-PE
vios Cisco vIOS
viosL2 Cisco vIOS L2
vnam Cisco vNAM
vwlc Cisco vWLC
vwaas Cisco vWAAS
phoebe Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA)
coeus Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA)
xrv Cisco XRv
xrv9k Cisco XRv 9000
nsvpx Citrix Netscaler
sonicwall Dell SonicWall
cumulus Cumulus VX
extremeos ExtremeOS
bigip F5 BIG-IP LTM VE
fortinet Fortinet FortiGate
hpvsr HP VSR1000
olive Juniper Olive
vmx Juniper vMX
vmxvcp Juniper vMX VCP
vmxvfp Juniper vMX VFP
vsrx Juniper vSRX
vsrxng Junper vSRX NextGen
vqfxre Juniper vQFX RE
vqfxpfe Juniper vQFX PFE
linux Linux
mikrotik MikroTik RouterOS
ostinat Ostinato
paloalto Palo Alto VM-100 Firewall
sterra S-Terra
vyos VyOS
win Windows
vpcs Virtual PC (VPCS)

This list is permanently being update with new equipment, so you can check it /opt/unetlab/html/includes/init.php

If you are going to use the download images just upload them to the respective folder and fix all permissions with the following command and your are good to go.

/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions

In the other hand if you want to if you want to create your own images you can. There is another post where we add a full ubuntu server to unetlab, just use it as a starting point to add your images.


Stay good.

10 thoughts on “EVE-NG – Load qemu images

  1. Hi man, I followed your command but my vsrx doesn’t work… it switch to blue colour but in 1 or 2 seconds it turns on grey colour again and it doesn’t work. Could you tell me any possible solutions? Thank you!


  2. Small issue…I have ASA 9.15 SMP and 8.6 SMP .bin files loaded to correct qemu folders. The asa VM seems to start amd I can telnet to the port of 32771. I am not seeing anything from boot meddages or a cli login for initial config. I have ran fixpermissions and tried 777 permissions. Still no luck. Any ideas?


  3. thank you for the wonderful article. If you don’t mind i’m looking to emulate cisco firepower in unl/eve. Can you help on that


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